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Scrooge McDuck out for a walk ith money on his mind

A hedgestone with the phrase "the status quo" written on it, surrounded by fire, green grass, and a blue sky.

a body with just a smile for a head, holds a smiley face on a stick and thumb up facebook likes in a wagon. With red writing on the wall it says smile.

A black and white image portrays a young girl with her heart on a leash. In red writing it says 'Follow your heart'. The girl looks saddened perhaps that her heart is dragging her around too much.

Miami Design District

Inegöl Devlet Hastanesi

-Dejad Madrid en mis manos (mayo 2020)
-Aiiudaaa (septiembre 2020)

Gotta love the graffiti work. Keep and eye on everything and everyone Credit to whoever painted this.
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